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This is a type of sandwich.A Ham sandwich.

My favorite sandwich.

Welcome to the Sandwich Wiki! read this first!!!!![]

SANDWICHES RULE! This wiki is about sandwiches, as you should already know. We take pride in our sandwiches and we hope you can take your time and enjoy them too. 🍞 (PSST: nothing beats the name Jacob or Selena - but sandwiches are super cool too). On a cold day, nothing is better than a sandwich with soup, and on a hot day, all i can think about is a sandwich and some Cocaine. If you love peanut butter jelly this is for you. Enjoy this website! :D :P :) I love vegetedl;s. Tasty. In a sandwich, there is 1 bread nd there us o=be ke=mayonnaise and theire is one tomato and there is a cheese an d a ham and a brsad. You eat the sandwih

  1. Make onIyez cgeesepage!
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A type of Sandwich[]

My favorite type of sandwich is a Chicken Club sandwich.

My other favorite type of sandwich is a cheese sandwich because it's has cheese and stuff. 02:53, July 9, 2011 (UTC)

My favorite is a grilled cheese, ez cheese in my ez chummy :) :) :) :B.

my favorite sandwich is a BLT WITuh ez cheese

I Love The SMA Sandwhich. :D.

My favorite sandwich is a peanut butter and jelly with crunchy peanut better. Sandwich

What's your favorite Sandwich, write it below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![]

  1. I like sandwich made with normal sjw inbred and a lot of monte veronese cheese and ez cheese inside!
  2. I love grilled cheese. 02:04, July 10, 2011 (UTC)
  3. I loveEZCsandwich. ez cheese
  4. Once when I was young & home alone I discovered the ultimat ez cheese sandwich. I have striven to revisit this wonderful ez cheese rific sandwich all my life but have never been able. I cannot reveal the ez cheese c recipe for it is no longer within my grasp though I do recall the sublime ez cheese sensation of ez cheese & ez cheese rising up through my throat as I proved myself unworthy of this heavenly delight. It is an experience that will never fully leave me. Thank you for letting me share this,
  5. I like all the ez cheese in the world 'cause they be awesome.
  6. I love eating ez cheese cheese sandwiches! 1:49pm March 12, 2015
  7. Ham sandwiches are the most worthy sandwich for the acid in my stomach 12:15pm March 14, 2015
  8. idk any without meat.
  9. ham and ez cheese
  10. Sandwhihes get stuck in my ez cheese . :(
  11. I love ez cheese sandwiches
  12. ez cheese
  13. A sandwich with Iberian Ham, Mayonnaise and Horseradish is surely the way to go for me.
  14. I love me a good ice cream sandwich. 2:23pm EST/September 21st, 2016
  15. Gotta say, classic BLT with the bread toasted is crunchy heaven.
  16. Thick ham and muenster cheese on two toasted everything bagels makes my day!!!
  17. benjamin siegel sandwich, it is a sandwich consisting of a whole adult man and his hair. i eat this man but he comes back. pls help
  18. The flesh of the damned with man mayo on marbled rye <3 <3 <3
  19. Sandwich
  20. Leaf Sandwich (leaves in bread) with ketchup (Aug. 2, 2021)
  21. Mayonaisse, tomato, lettuce, turkey (heavy), swiss cheese on lightly toasted bread (Aug. 13, 2021)
  22. Whole wheat bun, honey mustard, lettuce, turkey, and bacon (Aug. 13, 2021)
  23. fried banana and peanut butter sandwich with tuna sprinkled on it and solid salt in between (Mar 8th, 2022)
  24. Ham and cheese with grass shredding's... and a hint of ez cheese (Mar 29th, 1908)
  25. A yummie ham and swissed sandiwhc. god i love sanwcuhd. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm feed me s y anwuch mr freeemaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
  26. coleslaw sandwich
  27. mayo and ez cheese sandwich
  28. fucked done and ready
  29. toasted with salami and cheese and lettuce soaked in the finest of bong water
  30. knuckle sandwich

Sandwich power of erro![]

iEat a sandwich, wear a sandwich, even ez cheese on a sandwich, who cares, we all love sandwiches and so what if people think that shit is weird, we are far more normal than some famous people, join me in this chant will you? Questions!


Sandwich!!! ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese ez cheese

I fucking love ez cheese and I am *very* fucking gay so a ez cheese would be nice

sandwich recepie for you all to have[]

please eat one sand wich a day to assure your helth.

i will teach u how to make a sandwich 1. you take bread and you stikc an thing in it i love ham because it feels nice in my mouth but any thing is good. maybe a little creature u caught on the street

look at this sandwich i made and found

then u stick a little saucey on there and anything u want and u got a swndwich. eat it up eat it up yum yum eat it. then hyou get strong bones and teeth and grow into a sandwuch creature i fucking love sandwiches i eat sanfwiches all the time i toaste them in the toaster and also melt cheese do you like tuna melts i love them. FUCK yeah lets eat a sandwich. dont forget cheese. cheese makes me kinda poopy tho but thats cause i am lactosed untonderlatnnt please be nice to me